Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I don't like how aging works

But I like ice cream.

22 is a boring age.

But so was 21, because it didn't mean anything to non-alcoholic me.

I don't like to spend my money.

But I didn't mind buying myself an expensive birthday present.

I don't like a lot of attention.

But...wait, no I love a lot of attention.

This is my day, so pay attention to me.


  1. Creepy fan gurl: HB Jake!!!! See? I'm paying attention to you.... Jake? JAKE!!!! Look over here, by your bedroom window!!!! *waving arms*
    *gasp* jake, it's Meekakitty!
    But in all seriousness, you deserve some happy attention so here's a smile
    22, mmm yeah. I'll be that in September. Double digit isn't that boring, it happens less than ten times in your life.
    First comment. hell yeah.

  2. i swear up and down.
    ice cream and some otters.

  3. happy belated birthday! it was mines too! awesomeness!