Thursday, April 30, 2009


Of you, ethereal beauty is born, flooded in elegance. You are the Morning's favorite customer, and even the Sun awaits your arrival. Your wake is a breath of pristine air, for your time is my substance.

I cannot stand to look at you, for my eyes should not allow this privilege. Red-woven silk, cut sharp at your nape, golden-brown flecks enveloping your skin - milky, smooth, flawless. I am unworthy to touch.

Eyes that hold water, transforming their semblance - an ocean of color, an outlandish sea.

Wisdom and truth reside on your tongue, and a blameless navigator steers your words. The concession to listen is a gift undeserved.

You are a purpose, an ambition. You are an outlying star - something to be discovered. You are uncharted, unclaimed, untainted, a mystery.

Be my City of Gold, and let me find you, me alone.

I am your pioneer.


  1. I think Jake has a ladyfriend now ;)

  2. Wow...good enough to transform a girl into a puddle on the floor.

  3. very Song of Solomon-esque... beautiful!

  4. who the stink is natasha!

  5. o0. That was so intriguing!! Either you are all in imagination or have a new girly.

    Whichever.. that was quite lovely.

  6. @anonymous

    A girl I've been talking to recently. She's a friend from a while ago, and we just started talking again. This is just a hyperbolic way to describe how I feel about her.

    I don't find a girl I like very often, so when I do, I guess it all just amalgamates together.