Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Physics analogies.

Who is your potential person?

If, from the day of your birth until now, you did everything in your power to gain the highest achievable goal you're aware of, could you, and would you?

I work at Starbucks.

This is not my potential person.

This is my kinetic person (if you'll allow me the physics analogy). I'm moving, and I'm using energy, but there isn't any potential behind my current endeavor.

What is my potential person, I wonder?

President, physicist, doctor, teacher, custodian, vagabond?

Does "greatest potential" represent positions of power and influence, or is it fulfilling your path to the best of your ability, regardless of the position of life's respective compass?

Who was your potential person?

And more importantly, what potential is still left for your to fulfill, and how much of it will you pursue?


  1. Honestly, I find potential absolute crap. I tend to use this same analogy quite a bit, however after some living, I've come to believe that potential tends to mean nothing.

    It's just like that saying, Good intentions only go so far. Potential only goes just as far.

    Potential remains potential until you do something about it. I truly believe that someone can be the best person they can be, but only if they really try... which most people usually don't.

  2. That's exactly what I was trying to say with this blog.

    The question, "Who is your potential person" isn't an encouraging question. It assumes you haven't lived life to your fullest potential, which is true for 100% of people.

    However, at the same time, it also suggests that there is always a "potential person" left, regardless of how much time is left for you to spend. You still have potential left, even if you have just 1 day to live.

  3. Sort of adding to why you said onthe comments there, your potenial (if you can call it that) will never be fulfilled because once you achieve what you could have been there will always be somewhere else you can go. Someone else you can be, something else you can do.
    It's just a circle of gained and lost potential really.
    Like a paradox :) and I love a good paradox.

  4. I state myself a musician.
    That way, I can look forward to anything I have not yet become.

    Guide me through life, heart.
    I'm willing to take it all in.