Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who cares?

It's funny how the more your opinion matters to you, the less it matters to everyone else.

It's directly proportional.

If your opinion is the only one that matters to you, then it probably doesn't matter to anyone else, whereas if you respect everyone's opinion and collectively assume the right decision given a basis of generalized knowledge, your opinion will probably matter to just about everybody.

This all sucks, because my opinion is pretty important to me.



  1. not true, if you feel strong enough about something.. the stronger those who truly matter care also

  2. Well, think about it...

    Have you ever tried to talk to someone who only cares about their own opinion? They're impossible people. I couldn't care less about their opinion, because it's obvious they're not trying to learn anything, because they already know EVERYTHING.

    I'm not talking about an opinion on a specific subject like smokers vs. non-smokers, but just opinions about everything in general.

    If your opinion is the only one that matters, then your opinion probably doesn't matter.

    Like I said, it's directly proportional.

    It's not wrong to have a strong opinion about certain subjects, but if you have an opinion on EVERYTHING and you think that yours is the only one that people should follow, then you're simply a fool (not the actual "you", but the generalized version of "you" as in everyone).

  3. ahh yes your absolutely right.

    ps, good to see your still alive? haha

  4. Not directly proportional! Inversely proportional!


  5. I now have the urge to look up that old message you sent me that I was never able to respond to...

    Possibly restart that intense thread? :P

  6. @Kasey FRICK. You're right, and now I'll forever be self-conscious about this blog.

  7. hahahahahaha I KNOW, jake! I care so much about my blog and what comments ppl leave on there that no one ever comments on my blog anymore. I have to stop caring, i guess.