Monday, April 27, 2009

You should never forget...

T 1. awesome IHOP is.
o 2. ...that light-up shoes are ALWAYS in.
r 3. ...why you started wearing clothes.
e 4. ...that it's never OK to punch a man in the place that makes him a man.
a 5. ...that leather vests are only cool if you can't see them.
d 6. ...there will always be pain in the world, but there will also always be ice cream.
m 7. what it feels like to have someone.
y 8. it feels to lose someone.
b 9. ...when it's OK to use an ellipses.
l 10. ...that the Coyote will never catch the Roadrunner, and that's no metaphor.
o 11. ...that unicorns and faeries aren't real, unless you're Tom Cruise.
g 12. ...your favorite way to waste time.


  1. You forgot one thing, to never forget to read your blog(/s).

  2. Lol at number 12 & number 2!

    And I disagree at number 4. =X