Thursday, May 21, 2009

Captain Guile's Pride

Tim Robbins wasn't a particularly honorable man, and given his history with the crew, no one was about to save him from his fate. No one saves a betrayer, and no pirate cares to cease a whipping.

"What's done is done, Robbins," Jame said, "You ain't no murderer, but you sure as spittin' outta be whipped as one. Ain't no crime worth its weight than betrayal. You admit to it an we might lessen the severity of this ere lashing."

"Cat!" as Robbins had always called the captain, "I been with the Anchor evers since the birth! We ain't no enemy o' each other Cat! We ain't no enemy!"

The Captain held his glowing-gray gaze on Robbins, letting only the shame of his crime bear down upon him. Captain Guile owned neither guilt nor deceit amongst his crew. He wasn't a man of righteous behavior, but honorable to his convictions in every right, and innocent of any crime among his men.

The accused Robbins couldn't stand the gaze of his captain. Shameful, he looked away, frightened not of his punishment, but having Captain

"...whip me," he spoke just loud enough for all to hear.

"Whip me," a commanding voice called.

Robbins looked up, "Cat?"

"Whip me in his place," Guile said as he pulled off his clothing.

"Cat, I ain't no deserving o' such mercy! Whip me!" he cried, butting his head against the crew members.

"Robbins!" the commanding voice of the Captain bellowed, "Who is the captain of this ship! When does the Anchor sail! Where does this ship fly!"

All of these questions were painfully rhetorical, but everyone knew the answers to them.

The ship answered only to Captain Guile of East Down. It went where he dictated, and it left when he gave the word.

"Whip me," the Captain said for the last time, pulling off the last of his clothing.

Clenching the whips in hands hands, Jame looked to Robbins who desperately wanted to take the beating.

He knew what needed to be done. Broken, he gave the Captain the fifty lashes that Robbins had so rightfully deserved. No one watched. No one apart from Robbins, who watched every moment as the leather bore down upon the man who had taken him in when no one else would.

Never did the Captain's gaze leave Robbin's. He took lash after lash, never losing his stare. Everyone wondered if he even felt the pain on his back, for the pain in his heart was greater still.

But even greater than this was the pain Tim Robbins would have to live with.


  1. Wow, I missed entire words.

    This is utter crap, Jake. Way to proofread.

  2. No jake this is amazing. i love the symbolism. very great job!