Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Something Amused Me.

This is a conversation which proceeded through my facebook status message.

It amused me.

Jake Sidwell:

Starbucks...I am here. I don't want to be. Go away, Starbucks. But keep overpaying me, your terrible pay. And give your great benefits, that I don't take advantage of. But most importantly, go away.


starbucks, i will do all the daytime sheets that nobody got done that morning. then i will close you down by myself. and then i will open you again before i leave.

Jake Sidwell:

Starbucks, I have left you, but only so I can see you again in a few hours when I can continue the insanity of doing the religiously similar routine as the aforementioned shift. I wouldn't mind if you burned yourself down while I was away. Just make sure my tips make it through the fire.


bahaha @ clopening.


oh both of you relax, if you dont like it quit or learn to have a servants heart grrr


I am relaxed, I just hate my job. You're saying that everyone who doesn't like their job should quit? By that logic, America would be unemployed. Just because I hate it, doesn't mean I'm ungrateful for it. I enjoy the crappy paychecks, I just don't enjoy what it takes to get me there. :)

Obviously, it's a simple task to amuse me...


  1. Its not that you arnt allowed to hate your job, it's just think of it like this....

    I wake up every morning at 8AM. I watch 4 screaming kids. I sit at the comp. Apply, 20 places online.
    Then I leave and Apply and check on applications i have filled out for about 4 hours.
    Then I come home and apply some more.
    Then listen to screaming kids.

    Sit back to relax and check the good ole facebook.

    and a status pops up and oh geesh MORE people complaining about how terrible their job life is.

    Your allowed to hate it. I just want you to go to work with a grateful attitude and then i promise each day will get easier and easier for you.

  2. I am grateful. I pray every morning when I go to work and every night when I leaving, thanking God for the job that I have.

    And my days ARE easy. If they got any easy, I'd kill myself.

    I just don't think it's wrong to complain about your job if it's monotonous, boring, and ritualistic. Is it wrong to want more?

    I know why it bothers you, and I don't think the problem lies with me.

    I think it lies with that fact that you are comparing what you have to what I have, and that you are the one who should be allowed to complain.

    Go ahead and complain. It's not going to bother me. So, stop letting it bother you that I don't like my job.

    Allow me my simple moments of complaint. I don't stop you; why stop me?

  3. your completely right i do compare my situation to yours. but i really just try and help you see things could be worse, and i realize you understand. idk i guess its my weird way of trying to help you feel better about yourself.

    Sorry. bye

  4. and even so thinking in that reasoning is it not fair for me to complain about you complaining? or where does it stop? hm

  5. You complaining about me complaining is hypocritical.

    And I know what you were trying to do, I'm just saying that YOU will feel better if you just allow me to complain from time to time without always feeling the need to compare my situation with yours.

    You'll get a better situation soon, and then YOU can complain about it, because you'll be forced into the melancholy that is: the working world.

    ...once again. It's always here, and it's always the same.

  6. I was fired from Target because I didn't smile enough.

    :( and I loved that job.

  7. I just read through the comment thread and almost laughed at my comment in comparison to what had been going on...

  8. Emperor Joseph II appointed Mozart as his "chamber composer", a post that had fallen vacant the previous month on the death of Gluck. It was a part-time appointment, paying just 800 florins per year, and only required Mozart to compose dances for the annual balls in the Redoutensaal. Mozart complained to Constanze that the pay was "too much for what I do, too little for what I could do".

    I'm doing homework and this reminded me of something.