Monday, June 22, 2009

Quit or Poor

I need money.
I want to quit my job.
I get money from my job.
My job is making me feel terrible.
Money makes me feel good.
Quitting my job would make me feel good.
I'll be broke if I quit my job.
The chances of finding another job are slim.

I am stuck.
Like peanut butter to the roof of the corporate world's mouth.
Please rinse me off with a cool glass of milk.
And help me to stop making bad metaphors.


  1. you have captured my feelings in this little poem...
    i might as well...

  2. "shug" [that's a customized combo - a sigh and a hug]

  3. You should quit your job and become a model!

  4. you should...sigh...=]

    Nah look for other jobs as soon as you get one quit this one =] good luck

  5. *deep sigh*

    Now you can have a *pat on the head* or a *hug* - whichever you prefer.
    I agree with Ikklemee8. Start looking for a job that would make you happy.

    P.S. I recommend getting a hug. My hugs are the best.

  6. Orr, you can invent a new job.

    Like writing a book solely containing bad metaphors, and the value each one posesses! I'd buy it. :D