Friday, July 3, 2009

Letting go.

You were wonderful - a quality I'm sure you've retained since then. For as cheesy as it is, the thing I remember most is your smile. Your big gaping smile. Every time I saw it, I felt like I had won an award. It was a worthwhile accomplishment to make you laugh, even though it was an easy task.

I wonder what it was, that drove me away from you. It certainly wasn't your laugh or your impeccable taste or your kiss. What was lacking?

It's sad to think how selfish I must have been. I wanted more? More than you? What chance is there for anyone else?

You were perfect. On paper, you were everything I dreamed of. Did you fit it too well? That just seems silly, but maybe I wasn't ready for it all. I could've been with you till death. Happy.

I lost something very special. I lost someone very special.

It was my decision, but now I wish it was yours. I wish you were the foolish one, the selfish one.

Right at the end, I bought you a card, and I was ready to tell you. You would have thought it was cute.

It said something very important inside.

Three words that had I waited to tell you. Waited until I was ready to mean them.

You never got that card. You never heard those three words.

I think that was it. When I lost it. When I lost you...


  1. beautiful. lucky girl.

  2. wow. who dis about? someone who love you too?

  3. What I would have given to be in her shoes for just a moment.
    And then, maybe not. Maybe it's just easier to think that. I should stop thinking that.
    But I can't. Oh well. I am so thankful for the "Anonymous" option in commenting.

    P.S. It's rarely too late. If you still feel she's worth it, find her.