Sunday, February 28, 2010

Excitement vs. Impartation

It's better to whisper the truth than shout empty words for the sake of excitement. If you truly want to rile a crowd, do it with passion and conviction, so the ears on which your words fall can be imparted with truth, as apposed to falling dead before them in a fiery thud. Both ways can receive the same excitement from the crowd, but only one will have imparted the message of God the way He intended it. You are not speaking to create excitement, or even deliver a good message. You are being used by God to impart His sovereign word on those who respect you as a conduit for truth. Instead of attempting to use your own willpower and charisma to light a fresh fire under the withering flames, simply care about every word on your tongue as God works through you, and the passion you emit will inexorably expose them to an unstoppable chain reaction.

Iron sharpens iron, as it is said, and people cannot deny the power of a man's conviction in what is good and what is right.